Posted by: sherrattsam | February 12, 2010

Are we doing enough?

I just watched Jamie Oliver’s TED Talk about food and the responsibility that educators have in reversing the terrifying trends that are causing so much poor health and even premature death. I was incredibly moved by Jamie’s passion and powerful arguments. We all know he’s passionate about food, many of us have his cookbooks and many of us have changed the way we cook and eat because of him. But, are we ready to be scared enough by his message to change the way we educate?

I am.

As a PYP Teacher and Workshop Leader, I constantly find myself talking to students and fellow teachers about how we are “preparing our students for the world”. I elaborate on that by echoing the words of Sir Ken Robinson who reminds us that we know very little about the world that our students will inhabit. One thing we do know for sure is… they will need to eat, and Jamie Oliver’s message is that they are going to need to develop very different eating habits to the ones currently in fashion. But, when did I last teach my 10/11 year old students to cook? When did I last do any food-related teaching that truly had an impact on my students and was so internalized by them that it changed the way they eat? Am I really preparing them for the future?

Why not?

I’d like to try and reverse this situation in much the same way as Jamie Oliver is. I’d like to be a part of a movement,in my school and in the IBPYP, towards more teaching and learning about food, food preparation and cooking.

I’m actually pretty lucky. Early Years students in my school do cooking on a regular basis. And Middle Years students do food technology for a term. So, the process has started. But there’s a big gap… I’d like to fill it.


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