Posted by: sherrattsam | April 19, 2010

Blanning – A day of “Society”

Tomorrow, we will immerse ourselves in the Society lens of the Compass.

I have given the students some homework to do on our class blog: This outlines, again, what the elements of the Society lens are and poses some questions for the students to ponder tonight so that they are prepared for tomorrow.

The questions are:

  • Communities – How important is your issue in your community? Is anybody in your community already taking action on your issue?
  • Schools – How important are schools in your issue? How could they be more important? Are some schools already taking action?
  • Institutions – What institutions exist that are relevant to your issue?
  • Cultural traditions – What cultural traditions could be important in your issue? What cultural traditions make the situation worse? Could cultural traditions help improve your issue?
  • Arts – How are the arts connected to your issue? Are there any art exhibitions, plays, movies or songs that are relevant to your issue? How are the arts used to make people “rethink”?
  • Organizations – Are there any organizations that are working on your issue?
  • Law – Are there any laws that are connected to your issue? Are there any laws that could help solve your issue? Are there any laws that are actually making the problems worse?

I think I’ll get them to collect their information in the following ways:

  • “Black Books”: a contact list or address book of organizations, community individuals (including journalists) and institutions that are working on the students’ issues in Bangkok/Thailand/Asia. Also, a section on people in the school who are taking action on the same or similar issues.
  • “Headlines”: students write newspaper headlines about the cultural traditions that they think could be causing their issue or could resolve their issue.
  • “Impact Fact”: students search for and present one fact that shows the true nature of the impact of their issue on the society they live in, or the impact of society on their issue.
  • “Art-Power”: students search for examples of local artists, musicians, film-makers, playwrights etc… who are conveying messages about their issue.
  • “Against the law”: Students prepare lists of laws that exist with regard to their issues in Thailand. They also look for laws that exist in other countries, but not in Thailand.


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