Posted by: sherrattsam | September 22, 2010

Sustaining PYP Exhibitions: It’s happening!

I’m quite excited at the moment as the Y7 (G6) students are carrying on with a lot of the things they started during the PYP Exhibition last year. The secondary school has set up something called “Know, Care, Act” which gives the kids the chance to continue with the action they started last year – exactly what I was hoping for!

Here’s an example (hopefully the first of many):

Last year, Johann and Arne became very interested in privacy and safety issues online following an inspirational presentation by Robyn Treyvaud (see her TED Talk here). Both of them spend a lot of time on Facebook (as do their peers) and they were really pleased to hear an adult talk realistically about Facebook instead of telling them not to use it.

For the PYP Exhibition, they narrowed their focus down to privacy settings on Facebook as they felt that this was an area that could really empower people to use social networking safely and responsibly in the future. They set up a Facebook Safety Consultancy Center and helped hundreds of clients set up their privacy settings and learn to do it for themselves.

They are continuing to publicize their actions using their Facebook page

and are continuing to run mini-workshops in our school library – fabulous!



  1. This is truly inspirational Sam. Lighting sparks that become fires such as this initiative makes what I do and say all the more worthwhile. I’m often reminded of a quote about being an educator: They will forget what you say and what you do but they will never forget how you made them feel. I’d like to think I played some small part in helping them to understand the potential of the roles they could play as leaders in their world, digital and real. We are witnessing it in this action. May I also share my thoughts about the role you are playing in the lives of your students: Awesome, inspirational, ethical and an outstanding role are a legend!!

    • High praise, Robyn, thank you so much. A morale boost is always welcome in teaching!!!

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